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Dashie and Derpy in: Story Time

Rainbow Dash sighs contently reading the adventures of Daring Do, already on the second day of her time in the hospital. She hears voices approaching and gulps, wondering if her friends were back to visit her and interrupt her story yet again. She groans and sticks the book behind her pillow saying, "For crying out loud! What's a girl gotta do to get some privacy around here?"

A familiar little unicorn filly comes trotting in with a cheer. "Hooray! I win, because I found you first!"

Rainbow Dash blinks and says, "Dinky? What are you doing here in the hospital? Does your mom know you came to visit me?"

Dinky giggles and says, "Of course she does, momma is here too!" A loud thud can be heard against the wall outside. "There she is."

Derpy waddles into the room a little off balance, the world spinning for her. She shakes it off and smiles seeing Rainbow Dash. "Found you! Dinky, and Rainbow Dash, and… a mummy!" She tilts her head looking at the other pony in a full body cast in the room. Then she rushes over and nuzzles against Rainbow Dash. "I heard you were in the hospital from breaking your wing yesterday. I found out after visiting hours so I couldn't visit. Are you okay?"

Rainbow chuckles and messes up Derpy's mane with her hoof. "I'm fine Derpy, my wing will be all better before you know it."

Derpy shakes her head and says, "That's not what I meant silly! It must be so boring in here all alone with nothing to do, so I decided to bring everyone to say hi!"

Rainbow Dash blinks and says, "Wait, what do you mean by everyone?"

At that moment a pair of familiar faces comes walking in. Derpy giggles and says, "You remember my adopted daughter Amethyst Star and my roommate Golden Harvest right?"

Rainbow smiles and says, "Of course! Hey Sparkler, hey Carrot Top." Golden Harvest growls at her nickname, and Amethyst just giggles poking fun at her since she enjoyed hers. "Look, Derpy, I really appreciate this, but I should really focus on getting rest."

Derpy frowns, looking absolutely heartbroken. "But… I came all the way here with everyone just to cheer you up. Don't you want to spend any time together?" She sniffles and begins to tear up.

Rainbow gasps and flails her arms as she says, "No, don't cry! I do, honest, it's just…" She sighs and takes out the book behind her pillow. "I'm an egghead, and I really want to finish this story. It's so good, but I don't want any of my friends to know."

Carrot Top blinks and says, "Then why are you openly telling us?"

Rainbow shrugs and says, "I repeat, don't want any of my 'friends' to know. I'm fine with Derpy and her daughters knowing because they're kind of like family to me. It's different." Sparkler, Derpy, and Dinky all "Aww!" at that and cuddle up with her, avoiding her wing.

Carrot Top says, "Well what about me?"

Rainbow just stares at her with a raised eyebrow and smirks. "What about you?"

Carrot Top growls and says, "You know what, you guys have fun cheering her up! I've got better things to do than stand here and be insulted by the town tomboy anyways!" She huffs and marches out of the room mumbling a little rant. A nurse comes in after her with a tray of food for Rainbow Dash.

As she sets it down on her stomach, Dinky looks at the book and says, "So how does this book make you an egghead?"

Derpy bops Rainbow on the head with her hoof and says, "Yeah, books don't give you egg heads. Then your head would be easy to crack open. And then your brains would fall on the sidewalk and be all yolk and stuff. And then they would go psssss because it's hot, and I scramble them up because I can't make sunny side up-"

Rainbow groans and interrupts, "I get it Derpy! I don't mean in a literal sense, I mean in an intelligent sense. Like people that read books all the time."

Derpy smiles and says, "Ohhh! I get it! Well if you're an egghead for that, then I'm an egghead too, because I'm super smart and read books all the time."

The nurse chortles and says, "Last time I checked Derpy, you were the town buffoon! You're the exact opposite of an egghead. Why don't you go watch some paint dry, I'm sure that's more down to your level of entertainment?

As she laughs some more, everyone seems ready to assault the nurse. Derpy holds up an arm and shakes her head at everyone, getting in the girls face and making her sweat a little. "Is that so? So I suppose you can tell me the amount of time it takes for light to travel through the vacuum of space to reflect off the planet's surface to create the pigment of color in our eyes off the top of your head?"

The lady blinks and begins to stutter. "Well, I-I… you-"

"Eight minutes!" Derpy smiles and furrows her brow. "How about how many eggs a queen bee can lay in one day, or how many days until they hatch?"

The nurse's eyes get beady as she begins to sweat. "Well, I don't know, but-"

Derpy moves forward, making the nurse back up as she continues, "She can lay fifteen hundred a day, and they hatch in three days and eat a special milk called royal jelly before they mature! You see, I can spout random facts all day from what I've read in books, but it would just hurt your puny little brain!" The nurse's mane begins to frizz and mess up as she looks horrified at this point. "I may have funny eyes, and talk weird, but I'm not stupid! You're stupid! You're not even an ignoramus, you're a dog! So why don't you go play fetch or something, dog!"

Everyone's mouths hang open as they stare, the nurse's eyes turning to face opposite directions as she begins to laugh. "You're right, I'm a dog!" She begins to bark and runs in a circle before rushing into the hall barking like a maniac. Several doctors can be heard yelling as they try to subdue the crazed pony.

Derpy smirks triumphantly and marches back over to the group. Rainbow Dash is the first to say, "Whoa… What. Was that?"

Sparkler smirks and shouts, "Go mom!"

Dinky sighs and says, "Don't you think that was a little harsh mommy?"

Derpy shakes her head and says, "Nopony makes fun of me like that to my face and gets away with it anymore." She looks at the book and says, "This book gives me an idea! I love Daring Do, so we should do something Daring Do related!"

Rainbow blinks and says, "You read Daring Do?"

Derpy nods and says, "Sure I do! I've read half of Twilight's collection! Now how about we play story time?"

Sparkler and Dinky gasp and clap their hooves cheering. Rainbow looks between them confused and says, "What's story time?"

Derpy trots next to Rainbow and wraps an arm around her shoulder. "It's easy! We're going to make a story together. One of us tells part of a story, and then the next pony tells the next part. We take turns and have lots of fun doing it!"

Rainbow Dash gulps and says, "I don't know, I'm not very good at making stuff up."

Derpy frowns and says, "Sure you are Dashie, you make up flight moves all the time! You're always getting creative with them moves."

Rainbow Dash blinks and rubs her head thinking that over. "You know you're right. I guess I can be pretty creative!"

Derpy snatches the book up in her mouth and sets it on the floor. "You and I can tell a wonderful story together!"

Dinky bounces up and down and says, "Momma tells the best stories! They're always so colorful and fun!"

Sparkler giggles and says, "Careful Rainbow Dash, if you're telling a story with mom, you're going to have to be patient. I learned that the hard way."

Rainbow gulps not liking the sound of that, but when she sees the joy in Derpy's eyes she can't bring herself to deny them. "Fine, let's tell a story together." She smiles and ruffles Derpy's hair, making her giggle. "So you're sure it can be about Daring Do?"

Derpy nods fast enough to make her eyes bobble and says, "Sure can! I'll start us off." She clears her through and takes a quick breath. "Daring Do was deep in the rainforest, searching for rumored ruins of a civilization of dragons. The trees were super tall, so she couldn't see anything from the air and had to walk on the ground. She saw a wild piggy, and a wild kitty, and some wild ants-"

"Yeah yeah, but what is she looking for at the ruins?" Rainbow Dash begins to look a little anxious.

Derpy giggles and says, "Well, why don't you tell us what she's looking for?" She nudges Rainbow Dash while Dinky hops up on to the bed and gets comfy, Sparkler sitting on the floor and listening.

Rainbow blinks and thinks for a moment. "Hmm… I got it! She's searching for the diamond dragon egg! An ancient relic, which is said to be deep in a pyramid! It's surrounded by booby traps too, and maybe a dragon!"

Derpy giggles and says, "Sounds like she's got her work cut out for her. That's why she brought along her partner named… err, Dizzy Danger!"

Rainbow tilts her head and says, "Huh? I don't remember her having a partner named Dizzy Danger."

Derpy bites her lower lip and says, "Well, s-she comes in a later book, and helps out Daring Do sometimes! You're only on the first book. Anyways, Dizzy Danger can be very clumsy pegasus at times, but she somehow always comes through for Daring Do in the end!"

"You don't say?" Rainbow Dash smirks, winking at the girls who join her giggling. "So I guess Daring Do and Dizzy Danger travel through the rainforest, until they stumble across the ancient dragon ruins! The entrance is shaped like a giant dragon's head with an open mouth!"

Derpy smiles and adds, "Yeah! He also is wearing sunglasses, because the dragons are cool. And the entrance smells minty fresh, because the dragon always brushes his teeth."

"Derpy, it's a statue!" Rainbow shakes her head with a grunt.

"Oops! Sorry. So, they go into the mouth thingy?"

Rainbow nods and says, "Yes, and when they come out on the other side they see an ancient city! There are huge buildings everywhere, obviously signs of blacksmiths, and potters, and other things that resemble our own civilization!"

"Like an ice cream shop, because they liked to cool down after breathing fire all day." Derpy grins big enjoying herself.

Rainbow sighs and says, "Fine, there's ancient ice cream. And in the center of the city is the giant pyramid where the diamond egg laid hidden from the world!"

Derpy continues, "After they raid some 'ancient ice cream' they go to the pyramid. It has a huge staircase going up the side, and Dizzy says 'They should have invented escalators with buildings this big. How are we going to climb such big steps Daring Do?'"

Rainbow smirks and says, "Daring Do says they'll fly up, because they have wings! So they fly to the top of the pyramid together, where they find… they find…" Rainbow rubs her head trying to think of something.

Derpy bounces up and down and says, "Oh! I know, they find a puzzle that they need to figure out. There's three buttons with different cloud pictures on them. The clouds are in different shapes though. There's one that shaped like a dragon, and there's one that shaped like a pony, and then there's one that's shaped like a cloud-"

"But Derpy, what do these symbols have to do with getting into the pyramid?" Derpy shrugs and Rainbow gets to thinking again. She gasps and says, "Daring Do realizes there's towers facing North South East and West, and they have pictures on them that look similar to the clouds! So starting with the one they were facing behind the puzzle, she goes clockwise with them pressing the buttons in the order they appeared on the towers. Then the floor turns into an elevator, taking them straight down into the heart of the pyramid!"

Derpy says, "Dizzy waves good bye to the sun, and then gets super scared when there's no light. She cuddles up close to Daring, until she lights a torch and lights up the area. Then they can see four pathways around them in the same directions of the towers. Dizzy remembers that one way had a dragon, two ways had ponies, and one way had a cloud!"

Rainbow smiles and adds, "Hey, I think that could actually be important! Daring Do says that to Dizzy and thinks what the symbols could mean. The pony paths might be traps for ponies, and the way with the dragon could be where the dragon guarding the temple is. Then she realizes that last shape wasn't a cloud, but an egg! So the egg has to be down the egg path! Daring Do rushes down that path with Dizzy close on her tail!"

"Especially since Dizzy was nervous, and was nibbling on Daring's tail. Daring was so fast, she pulled Dizzy right off her feet and dragged her along!" Derpy makes whoosh noises flailing her arms around as if she was flying. "And then they come to this big open room that's filled with water, and they can see because there's sunlight coming through a hole in the ceiling. And the hole looks like a banana, so Dizzy names the banana Fred."

Dash continues, "Scanning the area, Daring Do sees that there is a stone bridge that leads over the water to an altar in the middle of the room. And there, glistening in light flowing from the hole in the ceiling-"

"His name is Fred," Derpy demands interrupting her.

"Fine, in the light coming from 'Fred' Daring Do can see the diamond dragon egg! It glistens and glows and sparkles!" She smirks and looks at Derpy from the corner of her eye and says, "You would even say it looked like a disco ball."

Derpy gasps excitedly and says, "It would look like a disco ball!"

Sparkler and Dinky giggle at their mom's enthusiasm. Rainbow Dash chuckles with them and says, "Daring Do bravely flies over to the precious relic, and she waits. She waits, and she waits, and then she grabs it!"

Derpy gasps and says, "Oh no! She set off a trap! The ruins begin to shake and crumble, and Dizzy rushes to Daring's side because she can hear something coming! And then the way they came in is destroyed as a big red dragon bursts into the room! And he's an evil dragon, you can tell because he has one of those skinny moustaches that bad guys like to twirl. And a monocle! No, two monocles! One for each eye because he lives underground and can't see very well."

Rainbow Dash rolls her eyes and says, "Why don't we throw in a top hat and call him Big Ben?"

Derpy exclaims, "Great idea Dashie!" Rainbow blinks and slaps her hoof to her forehead with a groan. Derpy is blissfully unaware of this as she continues, "Big Ben is greedy, and mad, because that egg belongs to him. He was going to use it for a disco dance party with his friends, but none of them showed up, and then his bathtub flooded and covered the dance floor in water. But he waited anyways and nobody came for a thousand years! Dizzy Danger wanted to find a way to escape, but Daring Do was brave so she flew over and she kicked him in his face!"

"Now you're talking!" Rainbow smirks and says, "She bucked him right in the nose, and when he tried to eat her she kicked out some of his teeth and flew out of his mouth! Then she stomped on one of his toes, making him jump around in pain, holding his foot."

Derpy claps her hooves as the girls got excited. "Then Dizzy wants to help her friend, so she flies over and she breaks his monocles so he can't see! And then she rips off part of his moustache, and he gets really angry and throws a temper tantrum."

"Not just any temper tantrum," Rainbow continues, pausing for dramatic effect. "But a tantrum filled with fire and roaring and smashing! His fire is so hot it… it lights the water on fire! And his roaring and smashing make the entire area start to fall apart!"

Derpy gasps in terror. "Oh no, do they get out okay?" Rainbow Dash just stares at her with her eyes half closed, making Derpy blush. "Oh right… Err, Dizzy suggests that their safest bet it to fly towards Fred and see where he leads!"

Rainbow smiles and nods saying, "Daring Do leads the way hugging the diamond dragon egg close as she goes towards the hole, flying out with Dizzy just in time as the entire pyramid collapses! A-And explodes! And it's super dramatic too!"

Derpy flails her arms and says, "That's so cool! And they don't look back either, because cool ponies don't look at explosions. They blow stuff up and then they fly away." She nods matter-of-factly, making everyone laugh. "Then they go home and have a disco dance party, because the egg makes a really good disco ball. All their friends come, and they eat bananas, and then Daring Do falls in love with Dizzy Danger! And then they get married and they go treasure hunting for their honey moon!"

Everyone stares at Derpy, Rainbow Dash blushing enough to make an apple look pink. Derpy just grins innocently looking at Rainbow, who just smiles and hugs her close. She messes up her mane and says, "The. End."

Sparkler and Dinky cheer and bounce around excitedly. Dinky says, "That story was so cool! Will you tell us another story with mommy when you get out of the hospital Rainbow Dash?"

Sparkler giggles and says, "It was definitely interesting, that's for sure! You have to do this for us again sometime."

Rainbow Dash chuckles and says, "Sure thing kids, anything for you two rascals."

The two of them cheer again, Derpy giggling and saying, "Alright girls it's time to go home. Now go wait outside, I have something to give Rainbow Dash." She shoos the out of the room and they quickly trot out, talking about their favorite parts of the story with each other. Rainbow Dash raises an eyebrow wondering what Derpy wanted to give her. "You know your food is getting cold."

Rainbow Dash makes a disgusted face, staring down at the food that had been on her stomach all along. "I think it was cold when they gave it to me. Honestly, I think they want me to starve. So what did you want to give me?"

Derpy reaches under her wing, unfolding it to reveal a concealed muffin, which she lays on Rainbow Dash's food tray. "I baked it right before I came over here. A muffin for my muffin, that's you." She blushes as she nuzzles up against Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash smiles and takes a small bite. "This is blueberry, my favorite!" She sets it down and gives Derpy a kiss, their lips locking shocking Derpy who melts into the kiss. "Thanks Ditsy Doo, I really appreciate this."

Rainbow Dash winks at Derpy, making her wings spring outward. Derpy gulps and sweats, trying to push them back down. "Err, anytime Rainbow Dash. I've got to go take the girls home, but make sure that when you get out that we get to hang out again. Okay love?"

Rainbow Dash nods and says, "You betcha. Bye love, see you when I get out!" Derpy nods and trots out of the room, leaving Rainbow Dash to get back to her book with one hoof, and eat the muffin she was given with the other.

End Part 2
My Little Pony and all characters associated with it are copyright to Lauren Faust and Hasbro. I in no way own any of these characters.

It's finally here! The second part of the Dashie and Derpy shipping series, inspired by episode 16 of season 2.

In this part of the story, Derpy decides to visit her girlfriend Rainbow Dash in the hospital to keep her company. Seeing her love of Daring Do, the two of them work together to create their own story, much to the entertainment of Derpy's daughters.

It's sweet, it's silly, and most of all cute! Be sure to enjoy, and fav's and comments are welcome and looked forward to! Look forward to the next one by Valentines Day! ^w^

EDIT: Fanart for this chapter! [link]
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ZetaRESP Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool story, I wanna see it as a comic so badly that I would try it on.
ChinchillaShogunXam Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Haha! That would be great to see, or even some fanart. I'm sure not stopping anyone. =P
ZetaRESP Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah... But I'll wait to get my scanner.
Le-Okami Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
HAhaha, Good stuff, as always sir. :P Love how Derps cold-snapped that nurse. lol Effectively turning her into the crazy patient from the episode. XD lol Also love the wildness of the story, sounds like sumthin Derpy and Rainbow would come up with. XD lol I'm tempted to draw Big Ben, really.. -_-;; lol Keep it up bud! ^_^
ChinchillaShogunXam Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Who better to drive ponies insane to barking than Derpy? (Since Discord is occupied being stone) Would you believe I improvised most of that story as I wrote it? XD Makes it more legit. And you must! Draw Big Ben! I'm sure people would love that! I was expecting people to want to draw Dizzy Danger, but I can see wanting to draw that humorous looking dragon. X3
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